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Rainwater harvesting for industrial purposes has become an increasingly pressing concern in today’s world. Whether in large-scale or small-scale industries, the implementation of sustainable water management practices holds significant importance. The availability of potable water is gradually diminishing due to various factors such as pollution caused by human activities and the escalating effects of climate change. In light of these challenges, water-intensive industries have recognized the need to effectively manage water supply and demand in order to ensure a sustainable and reliable water source.

One such sustainable water management practice that has gained widespread adoption among industries worldwide is rainwater harvesting. In Sri Lanka, numerous industries have also recognized the value of rainwater harvesting systems and have successfully implemented them through collaboration with the Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum. As part of our efforts, we have developed and designed various rainwater harvesting systems (RWHS) specifically tailored to the unique requirements of different industries in Sri Lanka.

These designs embody a thoughtful and innovative approach, taking into consideration the unique characteristics and demands of each industry. Our aim has been to optimize the capture, storage, and utilization of rainwater in an efficient and sustainable manner. By implementing these systems, industries in Sri Lanka are not only reducing their reliance on external water sources but also demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility and resource conservation.

pROJECT Reports

1Design of Rainwater Harvesting System for MAS IntimatesDocx (226KB)
2Design of Rainwater Harvesting System for Nobleswear (Pvt) LtdDocx (2.59MB)
3Design of Rainwater Harvesting System for Siam City CementDocx(2.40MB)
4Feasibility of Constructing a Rain Water Harvesting System for CINEC Maritime Campus, MalabeDocx (493KB)
5Potential for Run off Rain Water Harvesting Collection Report of the Visit to Sapumalkanda Plantation, DeraniyagalaDocx (172KB)
6Potential for Run off Rainwater Harvesting Collection at Forbes and Walker, Wanathaviluwa, Puttlam Plantation Site Docx (379KB)
7Proposal for Rain Water Harvesting System at Canberg Lanka Ltd Factory, Kalutara Docx (91KB)
8Proposed Rain Water Harvesting System for the Hotel School Mt Lavinia Docx (90KB)
9Proposed set up for Rain Water Harvesting System at SDB Bank Horana Branch Docx (140KB)
10Rain Water Harvesting Design for Lalan Rubber Plantation Docx (172KB)
11Rain Water Harvesting Potential At Cocacola Biyagama Docx (172KB)
12Rain Water Harvesting Potential At Galle Face Hotel Docx (1MB)
13Rain Water Harvesting Potential at Haycarb Factory Premises at Madampe Docx (1.29MB)
14Rain Water Harvesting Potential at Sterling Engineering Pvt. Ltd Docx (36.2KB)
15Rain Water System for Unilever Premises at Agarapathana Docx (84.3KB)
16Rainwater Harvesting At Millennium Information Technologies Ltd Docx (1.27MB)
17Rainwater Harvesting Potential for S-Lon Factory at Pannala Docx (1.34MB)
18Rainwater Harvesting System Design for Unilever at Hatton Docx(123KB)
19Recommendation for Installing a Rain Water Harvesting System for Mahinda Rajapaksha Sport Center Docx (657KB)