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1Rain Water Harvesting Practitioners Guide for Sri Lanka

Edited by: Ms. Tanuja Ariyananda
Color pictures: Higullawela Dissanayake

Content & Authors:
Chapter 1:Importance of rain water by Dr. C.S. Weerarathne & Dr. P.A.Weerasinghe
Chapter 2 – Rain water harvesting options by Mr. Deva Hapugoda
Chapter 3 – Economic & social aspects of rain water harvesting systems by Mr. M.M.Aheeyer
Chapter 4 - Case studies – Eng. Jayantha Gunathilake & Eng. Ajith Panagoda, Acht.I.D.Kuruppu, Mr. Niel Perera

First published
English: May 2009
Sinhala: 2010
Tamil: 2010

Book details
English - 133 pages, A5 sized, illustrated.
Sinhala - 137 pages, A4 sized, illustrated.
Tamil - 124 pages, A4 sized, illustrated.

English - ISBN No: 978-955-1064-06-8
Sinhala- ISBN No: 978-955-1064-07-2
Tamil - ISBN No: 978-955-1064-06-8-2
Rain Water Harvesting Practitioners Guide for Sri Lanka
2Home Gardening Through Rain Water Haresting

This booklet provides necessary details of how to use rain water for home gardening

Author:Sanduni Ariyawansa

Advice: Dr. C. S. Weerarathne, Dr. P. A. Weerasinghe and Ms. Tanuja Ariyananda

First Published:February 2009

Book details:25 pages, illustrated.

Sinhala - ISBN 978-955-1064-04-4
Tamil - ISBN 978-955-1064-05-1
Home Gardening Through Rain Water Haresting
3Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas

Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas is a compact manual on RWH in urban environment. It gives a brief introduction to RWH, and highlights the necessity of RWH in urban areas with its advantages. It describes the technology, general components of a RWH system and gives details of practical systems which can be used in houses, apartments, offices and factories

Author: Dhanesh Wisumperuma

Artist: Saman Sissanayake

First Published: December 2004

Book details: 24 pages, illustrated.

English - ISBN 955-1064-02-X
Sinhala - ISBN 955-1064-01-1
Tamil - ISBN 955-1064-03-8
Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas
4Problem: Water - Solution : Rainwater

Problem: Water - Solution : Rainwater is a manual which provides an idea of RWH with special attention to the technological aspects. It gives detailed descriptions of how to build a tank above the ground, on the ground or underground. Further this manual gives instructions on how to maintain a RWH tank and describes the qualities of rain water.

Design & Layout: Dharshana Karunatilake.

First Published: 1998

Book details: 16 pages, illustrated.

Languages: English, Sinhala, Tamil
Problem: Water - Solution : Rainwater
5Rain Water to quench the thirst - අහස් දියෙන් පිපාසයට

Rain Water to quench the thirstis a small booklet. It explains the technology how rain water is harvested in a simple manner.

  • How much of rain fall Sri Lanka gets annually
  • Type of roof and amount of rain water catchment area is
  • Can we drink rain water which falls on to the rain?
  • Is Asbestoses roof toxic?
  • There is no taste in rain water
  • Less possibilities to get rain water polluted
  • Water inside the tank do not get contaminated
  • What happens if acid rain , red rain etc fall on to the catchment area

First Published: 2013

Book details: 8 pages, illustrated.

Languages: Sinhala, Tamil

Sinhala Version - View | [PDF - 8.86 MB]
Tamil Version - View | [PDF - 7.82 MB]
Rain Water to quench the thirst
6Manual for
Operation and Maintenance of
Rain Water Harvesting System
Rainwater Harvesting System
in Schools in Sri Lanka

First Published: 2015

English Version - View | [PDF - 1.04 MB]
Manual for Operation and Maintenance of Rain Water Harvesting System Rainwater Harvesting System in Schools in Sri Lanka
7Operation and Maintenance of Mobile Weather Station - කාලගුණ මැණුම් උපකරණය භාවිතය හා පිරික්සීම

The manual on Use and Maintenance of Mobile Weather Station aims to leverage both Open Source Hardware and Open Source Software to step-by-step guide the creation of a mobile weather station based on the Open Design, Open Source Hardware, Open Source Software and commodities off the shelf from local shops in Sri Lanka.

First Published: Sinhala – 2015, Tamil - 2015

Book Details:
Sinhala – 21 pages, A5 sized, illustrated.
Tamil – 21 pages, A5 sized, illustrated.

Sinhala Version - View | [PDF - 1.43 MB]
Tamil Version - View | [PDF - 1.02 MB]
Operation and Maintenance of Mobile Weather Station
8Atmosphere Automatic Weather Station

First Published: English – 2016, Tamil - 2016

Chapter 1: Product information
Chapter 2: Hardware information
Chapter 3: Powering up
Chapter 4: GSM/GPRS Interface
Chapter 5: SMS Features

English Version - View | [PDF - 1 MB]
9Rain Water Harvesting Manual for Jaffna

Author: Ms. Tanuja Ariyananda
Jointly Published By: Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum & World Vision Lanka

ISBN 978-955-1064-09-9

Chapter 1: Introduction to Jaffna and its Water Sources
Chapter 2: Rain Water Harvesting
Chapter 3: Rain Water Harvesting Technology
Chapter 4: Operation and Maintenance
Chapter 5: Social and Economic Aspects
Chapter 6: Mobile Weather Stations in Schools in Jaffna District

English Version - View | [PDF - 6.30 MB]
Tamil Version - View | [PDF - 6.30 MB]
10International Rainwater Catchment Systems Experiences

Published by: IWA Publishing , London , UK

First Published: 2020

ISBN : 9781789060577 ( paperback)

ISBN : 9781789060584 (eBook)

Chapter 3: T N Ariyananda
Transforming tradition of rainwater harvesting in Sri Lanka

English Version - View
11Sustainable Climate Action and Water Management

Published by: Springer Singapore

Chapter 2: Author : T N Ariyananda
Rainwater Harvesting Systems as Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Tool for Drought and Flood Prone Areas of Sri Lanka

English Version - View
12Voice of Rainwater Harvesting Users

E published: April 2021

The success stories reported in this publication is a result
of a 3 year project commenced in 2016 -2019 in partnership
with USAID and Districts authorities to provide safe disaster resilient drinking water to floods and drought prone areas in the island.

English Version - View [PDF]