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1Rain Water Harvesting - Clean Water for household Use

This leaflet describes Rain Water Harvesting under the following topics.

- Rain Water Harvesting
- The Need for Rain Water Harvesting
- Technology
- The Purity of Rain Water
- Benefits of of Rain Water Harvesting
- The Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum and its objectives

English Version - View | [PDF - 6.61 MB]
Sinhala Version - View| [PDF - 2.01 MB]
Tamil Version - View| [PDF - 2.48 MB]
2RWH and Home Gardening

This leaflet describes how to use rain water harvesting for home gardening under following topics. (available in Sinhala only)

- Harvesting rain water
- Benefits of home gardening
- Elements of a home garden
- Important aspects of home gardening
- Alternative pest control measures

Published in: 2008

Download | [PDF - 306KB]
3Operation and Maintenance of a RWH System

This leaflet describes how to maintain an above ground Rain Water Harvesting tank, under following topics.

- Maintenance of roof and rain gutters
- Better maintenance of the Rain water tank
- When drawing water from the tank
- Before drinking water
- To protect water in the tank
- Special information

Sinhala Version - View| [PDF - 2.17 MB]
Tamil Version - View| [PDF - 4.66 MB]
4Rain in The City" - Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas

This leaflet describes Rain Water Harvesting in urban areas under the following topics.

- The Problem
- The Potential
- The Technology
- Benefits of Rain Water Harvesting
- Cost of Rain Water Harvesting
- Health Measures
5Sustainable water Solution

This leaflet describes why rain water harvesting is needed and how rain water harvesting can be implemented

- Why rain water harvesting
- Benefits of rain water harvesting
- Technology of rain water harvesting
- Why support rain water harvesting
- How can you get involved