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Donate to Rain Water Harvesting Projects

LRWHF would like to invite potential corporate/ individual donors to consider supporting to the vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka. There are a number of ways that a company/ individual can become involved, but please consider the options outlined below as suggestions only. They are requests we have received from the community. We are happy to work with you to come up with an innovative, tailor made sponsorship package. Click here to Donation Form.

1. Rain water harvesting system for “Hansi” Pre-school, Katewelagama, Berela, Panathara, Matara District, Southern Province

The preschool started in 1996 with the support of community; they have constructed the buildings and a play area for children with the resource they could find from the village. Every year 25- 30 students are given preschool education and get enrolled to the school. The students bring water from their home for drinking purpose and the preschool have small water tank for sanitary use but it is not enough for daily consumption therefore the principal is requesting a rain water harvesting system.

Requested by: Ishani Madurapperum, Principal “Hansi” Pre-School Katavalagama Berala Panathara

Estimate Cost to construct an 8,000 liter RWH system for the Pre School: Rs. 70,000.00 (US $ 530)

2. Rain water harvesting system Pokunugala Yoga ashramaya, Suriyawave, Hambantota

Ven. NavadagaleAnagarikaDhamikaTherais using rain water for drinking and other purposes through a series of ponds and encourage  the pilgrims also to use rain water . During the dry season the rain water collecting ponds are dry and the temple face difficult to access clean drinking water source. Therefore Ven. DamikaThera is requesting anadditional rain water harvesting system.

Requested by: Ven. Navadagale Anagrika Dhamika Thera, Pokunugala Yoga Ashramaya, Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Namayahamara Junction, Suriyawawe. Tel: +94 71 2193721.

Estimate Cost to construct an 8,000 liter RWH system Rs. 70,000.00 (US $ 530)

3. Rain water harvesting system for the community in Ibulgoda, Matale District, Central Province

224 families live in Ibulgodavillage, there are some families who are facing major difficulty to find clean drinking water for daily consumption. The community travel quit a long distance to fetch water during the dry season.The women’s group in the village have request rain water harvesting systems through a farmers club in the village.

Requested by: P.G.Siriyalatha Menike, Secretary “Haritha Udana“ Farmers Club, Ibulgole, Mathale. Tel: +94 71 3436307, +94 78 6303056, +94 66 5615341

Estimate cost per a 5,000 liter RWH system is Rs. 60,000.00 (US $ 460).

4. Rain water harvesting system for Mr. H. Jothipala, Halabagaswawe, Madawachchiya, Anuradhapura District, North Central Province

Mr. H. Jothipala is suffering from chronicle kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu), his hand is been operated and in near future he will have to undergo dialysis. There 6 members in his family, they are also infear of CKDu affecting them too due to the poor quality of water that they drink. Therefore he is requesting a rain water harvesting system.

Requested by: Mr. H. Jothipala, Halabagaswave, Madawachchiya

Estimate Cost to construct an 8,000 liter RWH system: Rs. 70,000.00 (US $ 530)

5. Rain Water Harvesting System for the community in Sunila Gama, Aragoda, Polgahawella, Kurunegala District, North West Province

Sunil Gama is in a hilly area, due to this factor access for water is very difficult for the community, currently there is an overhead water tank for which the water is supplied by pipe from the low land well. But during the months of dry season the tank get filled only ½ or ¼, which is not enough for the families in the hilly area. Therefore the hilly area communities have to travel down to the low land wells to fetch water. It is a quite distance and they face various difficulties from the low land people’s attitudes. Some time to fetch water they travel by taxi or tractor which is costly and unaffordable. Considering the above facts the villages’ have requested rain water harvesting systems.

Requested by:

  1. M. P. Lilavathi, No. 39 Sunil Gama Aragoda
  2. R. A. Premawathi, No 35., Sunil Gama, Aragoda
  3. A. U. Siriyawathi, No 36 ,Sunil Gama, Aragoda
  4. R. M. Snarathne, No 52,Sunil Gama, Aragoda
  5. W. E. J. Pushpa Kumara, No 44, Sunil Gama, Aragoda

Total cost for the Project: Rs. 325,000.00 (US$ 2,500)

6. Three rain water harvesting systems for Motana – Balane Kaduganawa, Kandy District and Central Province

Motana – Balane community face hardship during the dry season when  the wells go dry and the community have to depend on the bowser water supplied by the Provincial Council. The community is requesting for 3 rain water harvesting tanks to share among community members.

Requested by:

  1. S. G. Somawathi, No. 133, Motana – Blane, Kaduganawa
  2. W. G. Chandrawathi Pushpa Kumari, No. 137/ A, Motana – Blane, Kaduganawa
  3. W. G. Shelton Dharmasena , Motana – Balane, Kaduganava

Total cost for the Project: Rs. 195,000.00 (US$ 1,480)

7. Five rain water harvesting tanks for Rotary II project, Adunkalewatha, Ahangama, Southern Province

Thevillagers living in this localityare victims of tsunami in 2004, there are 14 families living in this village and 6 families have already got the facility of rain water harvesting system constructed by LRWHF through the recommendations of HabaraduwaProvincial Secretariat. Those families use the RWH for all their daily need for more than 6 month of the year. The rest of families face very difficult time especially during the dry season to fetch water for their daily consumption. The following five members are requesting a rainwater harvesting system.

Requested by:

  1. Chandrawathi Wikramathunga, No. 29 Rotary II Project, Adunkalewatha, Ahangama
  2. W. M.Renuka, No 27 , Rotary II project, Adunkalewatha, Ahangama
  3. S. K Renuka , No 31, Rotary II project, Adunkalewatha, Ahangama
  4. D. Dinkubura, No 35, Rotary II project, Adunkalewatha, Ahangama
  5. D. ImeshMadushanka, Rotary II project, Adunkalewatha, Ahangama

Estimated Total cost for the project Rs. 325,000.00 (US$ 2500)

8. Rain water tank to Mr W. S. SamanBandula ,Janasaviya 2, Kudagama 6, DakunuIvura, Ihipura, Lunugamvehera, Hambatota District, Southern Province

Lunugamvehara is a very dry area and rain is seasonal, due to this the water scarcity is very high. Rain water harvesting system is requested for collect and store during the rainy season.

Requested by : Mr W. S. Saman Bandula, Janasaviya 2, Kudagama 6, DakunuIvura, Ihipura, Lunugamvehera

Estimated Cost to construct an 8,000 liter RWH system is Rs. 70,000.00 (US$ 530)

9. Rain water tank for 15 year old Kidney Disease Patient in Vavuniya district, North Province

Mr. N. Vajiyadeen of Andiyapuliyankulam, Vavuniyahas request for Rain water Harvesting tank since his son of 15 years suffer from kidney disease and had to replace a kidney, which was donate by his Mother. The doctors have advised to drink clean water. His economic status is low due to expenses incurred for the surgery.

Request by Mr N. Vajiyadeen of No. 29/26 Pathakkulam, Andiyapuliyankulam, Vauvuniya

Estimated Cost to construct an 8,000 liter RWH system is Rs. 70,000.00 (US $ 530)