Water Quiz – Inter School Competition

Water Quiz – Inter School Competition

The first round of the “Water Quiz – Inter School Competition” organized by Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum was successfully held in Badulla, Monaragala, Kilinochchi and Mulaithivu districts, with the aim of testing children’s knowledge on water at both local and global level and enhancing their knowledge on water conservation.

The competition was conducted in both Sinhala and Tamil mediums under two age categories, age 9-10 and 4- 5 years respectively.  More than 3000 students from all four districts participated in the very competitive first round. Winners of the first round would be selected to the s final rounds. All participants would be awarded with a token gift to appreciate their participation and contribution. The winners of the first round is given below .

  Primary category Secondary category
District Name School Name Name Secondary category
Monaragala K.M Ashmika Denuwan Mo/Amunekadura Maha Vidyalaya W.L Kaveesha Gimantha Mo/Balaharuwa Kanishta Vidyalaya
K.B.V Bhanuka Anuhas Mihiranga Mo/Amunekadura Maha Vidyalaya A.M Dewmi Mihara Mo/Balaharuwa Kanishta Vidyalaya
V.G Githmi Hansani Mo/Balaharuwa Kanishta Vidyalaya W.M Piyumi Kaveesha Mo/Balaharuwa Kanishta Vidyalaya
D.M Sashini Nimeshika Bandara Mo/Dombagahawela Maha Vidyalaya R.M Chamara Sadun Mo/Amunekadura Maha Vidyalaya
W.M Navindu Nethsara Mo/Amunekadura Maha Vidyalaya    
Kilinochchi I.Sankavi Iyanarpuram GTMS V.Abirami Iyanarpuram GTMS
N.Akshaya KN Viveganantha Vidyalayam K.Thuvigan Iyanarpuram GTMS
K.Abisek Iyanarpuram GTMS T.Thamilpriyan KN/Kariyalai Nagapaduvan No-2 GTMS
Mullaithivu A.Anistran MU Ananthapuram GTMS S.Priyangan Suthanthirapuram Tamil Vidyalayam
G.Sathushan MU Ananthapuram GTMS N.Mathusan Suthanthirapuram Tamil Vidyalayam
I.Gajana Suthanthirapuram Tamil Vidyalayam P.Luvishanth MU Ananthapuram GTMS
Badulla R.W Yushmila Ninu Sithumini B/Agalaoya Primary School R.M Chamodya Naduni B/Uduhawara Maha Vidyalaya
R.M Akila Indrajith Weerasingha B/ D S Senanayaka Primary School W.M Sachini Mekala B/Uduhawara Maha Vidyalaya
B.M Denishiya Teshani Bandaranayake B/Uduhawara Maha Vidyalaya M Naduni Niklesha Samarakoon B/Uduhawara Maha Vidyalaya

The quiz competition was organized under health guidelines to ensure children are well protected from COVID – 19. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the participants, teachers, principals, officials and well-wishers who were playing a big role in making this event a success.

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