Let’s Travel to Nepal with Malkanthi!.

Let’s Travel to Nepal with Malkanthi!.

Malkanthi who is the first female mason of LRWHF is on her way to the beautiful Pokhara valley in Nepal to train masons of Kanchan Nepal on how to construct the Sri Lanka Pumpkin-shaped Rainwater Harvesting Tank.

Malkanthi, is from Athiliwewa Monaragala who is a mother to three children. She is the first trained female mason of LRWHF. She encouraged and trained more women to join LRWHF projects as Masons in Monaragala District. Today she is flying to Nepal, removing all the gender barriers and stereotypes, to share her knowledge and instruct participants from Nepal on the construction of the Ferrocement Rainwater Harvesting Tank. Malkanthi is a model of the power of women’s empowerment. We hope she will encourage more young people especially women to become who they want to be.

Join Malkanthi’s journey from Athiliwewa, Sri Lanka to Pokhara, Nepal to enjoy, educate and empower. Pack Your Bags and Get Ready!

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