Launching the Regional Rain Water Harvesting Resources Center at Badulla

Launching the Regional Rain Water Harvesting Resources Center at Badulla

The first regional resources center on rain water harvesting was established at National Water Supply and Drainage Board (Uva) at  Badulla (NWSDB) on 16th of June 2020. This was established by LRWHF with the support of USAID and NWSDB, Badulla. The main objective of the resources center is to promote and aware the public on rain water harvesting.

The resource booth displays a model to emphasis on different rain water harvesting systems, well recharge and water draw out methods. Informative 4 display panels  are on traditional RWH, different component of RWHS, different methods of ground water recharge and benefits of RWH.

The launching ceremony was attended by Mr Ruwan Liyanage , Deputy General Manager , NWSDB (Uva) , Mr Mangala , NGO coordinator , Badulla and NWSDB Regional Managers and coordinators from Uva province, media and public.

Speaking at the lunching ceremony Mr Ruwan Liyanage, Deputy General Manager, NWSDB (uva) explained the importance of rain water harvesting and how it helps to mitigate the water shortage during the drought. He mentioned that due to hilly locations in the Uva province providing pipe water supply is a challenge, therefore it is best to promote rain water harvesting in such areas which will reduce on cost of providing pipe. Finally he said that it is great pleasure for him to have such information center at his office premises and this will help them to aware the public utilize rain water and to reduce the demand for pipe water.

This center is open for public from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm daily during weekdays and attended by a trained NWS&DB staff member.

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