Rainwater Harvesting in Tsunami Affected Village of Peeriyaneelavanai, Ampara District

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Project Area Peeriyanelavanai Village, Kalmunai Division, Ampara District, Sri Lanka
Duration 10 November 2006 - 30 March 2008 (Date of eligibility: 1st November 2006)
Funded by Malteser International
ObjectiveRainwater harvesting in tsunami affected village of Peeriyaneelavanai, Ampara district

The overall goal of the project: The objective of the project was to improve the domestic water supply to households affected by the tsunami in Peeriyanelavanai village through introduction of rain water harvesting (RWH) systems.

Purpose: The purpose of the proposed project is to improve water supply and water security in 100 households that were affected by the tsunami of December 2004 in Periyaneelavanai Village, Ampara District.

Phase 1 of the project is completed and the following targets were achieved

Planned Performance IndicatorsActual Progress during the Reporting Period
1Awareness programme for the Government agencies, NWSDB, NGOs and CBOsAn awareness meeting was conducted for government officials, stakeholders and national and international agencies working in the area.
2Meeting with local masons to share their experiencesA meeting was conducted with the trained masons and the masons who were  trained through “training on the job”
3Assessment of sites of the right holdersHouseholders at initial targeted location at Peeriyanelavanai rejected the rain water harvesting system. Therefore in cooperation with the NWSDB, the Municipal Council and the DPDHS sites were identified in Pandiruppu, Alamkulam and Savordayapura
4Training of local masons4 masons got trained through a “training on the job” program
5Meeting with masons to follow up on the construction processAll together 3 meetings with the masons were held to discuss problems, constraints and challenges during the implementation. As a result the implementation process was improved and the construction became more efficient.
6Awareness meeting with identified familiesAwareness programs for right holders and public were conducted at Pandiruppu, Alamkulam and Savordayapura
7Awareness creation among the right holders and public on the benefits of rain water harvestingDuring the implementation the interest for RWH in the area increased and right holders and public got to know the benefits of RWH systems
8Construction of rain water tanks in the target areasBy the end of April 2007,  100  x 5 m 3 Rain Water Harvesting Tanks have been constructed in Ampara district.
- Kalmunai division 33 RWH tanks
- Addalchenai division 37 RWH systems
- Pottuvil division 30 RWH systems
9Awareness creation for right holders on care and maintenanceConducted at Periyaneelavanai, Pandiruppu, Alamkulam and Savordayapura
10Hygiene promotion activities on personal hygiene to reduce the incidence of water related diseases for the right holder families3 main Hygiene Promotion lesson were held in the project area. Furthermore hygiene promotion activities were conducted in connection with the care and maintenance meetings, mentioned above.
11Assessment of the usage of 1-30 constructed tanksAn evaluation survey of the usage of the individual RWH systems was done. 10 tanks in each of the 3 areas were assessed.
12Final assessment on finishing of the RWH systemsWas completed May 2007.