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Project Rain Water Harvesting System for Care for our own, Brandix
Project Areas Kurunegala, Puttalam, Ratnapura, Galle, Kegalle, Kandy, Badulla and Gampaha
Duration August 2011 – February 2012
Funded by Brandix Lanka Limited
Project Cost LKR 1,113,740.00
Project Activities
  • Visit to sites and inspection
  • Select location for construction of Rain water tanks in consultation with beneficiary households
  • Purchase and deliver of materials to site
  • Installation of valence boards 25 ft length in houses where it is not present.
  • Construction of Rain water harvesting system: 5000 liter (5 m3) above ground tank, with 2 length of gutters (26 ft), first flush system, filter, washout for cleaning, safe plastic lid and tap with stand to extract water.
  • Inspection of Rain water harvesting system for conformity to standards
  • Fixing of Brandix logo and LRWHF logo to Tank
  • Instruction for Operation of Maintenance of System to households
Project Beneficiaries
Name of beneficiary Location Tank Capacity Valance Board installed Date of Completion
1 K. M. G. H. Chamini Kariyawasam Polgahawela, Kurunegala 8,000Yes 15.08.2011
2 H. A. R. Hettiarachchi Polgahawela, Kurunegala 8,000Yes 15.08.2011
3H. P. S. Pradeepika Pathirana Polgahawela, Kurunegala 8,000Yes 15.08.2011
4E. M. Nilanthi Ekanayake Polgahawela, Kurunegala 8,000Yes 15.08.2011
5 K. P. S. Rohoni Mahakubukkadawala, Puttalam 8,000No 02.09.2011
6 R. Priyanthi Anoma Kumudu Kumari Udagaladeniya, Kegalle 5,000Yes 02.09.2011
7 H. A. Nilmini Pushpa Kumara Udagaladeniya, Kegalle 5,000Yes 02.09.2011
8 W.G. Kamalawathi Udagaladeniya, Kegalle 5,000Yes 02.09.2011
9M.S.R. Chandrawathi Udagaladeniya, Kegalle 5,000Yes 02.09.2011
10A. M. Dharshika Manga Adikari Alawatta, Kegalle 5,000Yes 02.09.2011
11 K. P. D. W. Hemamali Deekirikawa, Kurunegala 8,000Yes 22.10.2011
12L. Kusumalatha Minuwangoda, Kurunegala 5,000No 24.10.2011
13 G. D. A. Weerathunga Minuwangoda, Kurunegala 5,000Yes 03.11.2011
14A. T. H. Ushani Rangika Unawatuna, Galle 5,000Yes 15.11.2011
15N. Indrani Rathnayake Ambalanwatta, Rathnapura 5,000Yes 19.11.2011
16M. Mallika Iranani Nivithigala, Rathnapura 5,000Yes 21.11.2011
17 A. G. Priyanka Kumari Poramadulla, Kandy 5,000Yes 13.01.2012
18 B. B. Ruwan Sanjeewa Perera Haliela, Badulla 8,000Yes 21.02.2012
Project Outputs
  • 18 rain water harvesting systems were installed in Brandix employee’s households in 8 districts
  • Approximately 90 people including old people and children will benefit from having safe drinking water source at their door step
  • More than 100 rural people made aware on benefits of rain water technology
  • 18 households were trained on operation of maintenance of Rain water harvesting system
Problems Encountered
  • Valence board was present in most of the households, therefore had to be installed
  • Transport of materials to some sites were difficulty due to difficult terrain, therefore had to spend extra on labour for carrying materials to sites.
  • Rainy season during the month of December and January delayed construction activity
  • Shortage of cement and increase in price during the project period
  • One household was initially reluctant to have the RWH constructed
Pictures of Beneficiaries and Rain Water Harvesting Systems Constructed

K. M. G. H. Chamini Kariyawasam, Kurunegala

H. A. R. Hettiarachchi, Kurunegala

H. P. S. Pradeepika Pathirana, Kurunegala

L. Kusumalatha, Minuwangoda

K. P. S. Rohoni, Puttalam

R. Priyanthi Anoma Kumudu Kumari, Kegalle

W. G. Kamalawathi, Kegalle

M. S. R. Chandrawathi, Kegalle

A. M. Dharshika Manga Adikari, Kegalle

K. P. D. W. Hemamali, Dikirikawa

E. M. Nilanthi Ekanayake, Kurunegala

G. D. A Weerathunga, Minuwangoda

A. T. H. Ushani Rangika, Unawatuna

A. G. Priyanka Kumari, Kandy

N. Indrani Rathnayake, Ratnapura

M. Mallika Iranani, Ratnapura

Inlet filter

First flush in operation

Brandix and LRWHF logo on tanks

Little Beneficairies