Progress Year 5

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Objective I 

Construction of 20 demonstration rain water harvesting systems (storage and/or recharge) in rural schools.

28 schools were visited in Kilinochchi, Badulla and Moneragala district, 13 schools in Mulativu district data collected over the telephone and assessed for selection. 20 Schools were selected to provide 30,000 L RWHS.

18 awareness programs were conducted at 18 schools in Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Badulla, and Moneragala Districts

17×30,000 L RWHS constructions completed at schools . Each system consisting of Ferro cement tank, gutters first flush system, filters, and taps .

  • Badulla District & Moneragala District
    • B/Ampitiya Maha Vidyalaya >MO/Darmavijaya Maha Vidyalaya
    • B/Bharathy Maha Vidyalaya > MO/Hidikula K Vidyalaya
    • B/Uvaparanagama.M.Vidyalaya > MO/Hulandawa right Maha Vidyalaya
    • B/Galahagama Darmaraja Maha Vidyalaya > MO/Kodayana K Vidyalaya
    • B/Pragnasena M Vidyalaya RWHS
  • Kilinochchi District & Mulativu District
    • K/ Ramanathapuram East GTMS >Mu/Pandaravanniyan Maha Vidyalaya
    • K/ Ramanathapuram Maha Vidyalaya >Mu/Muththayankaddu R.B. Maha Vidyalaya
    • KN/Skandapuram No-2 GTMS > MU/Koddaikadiyakulam Maha Vidyalaya
    • KN/Vinasiyodai Maha Vidyalayam
    • KN/Sivapathakalayakam GTMS

18 O&M   training programs conducted in Kilinochchi and Mulativu. 356 students and teachers participated.

School children RWH and home gardening project at their homes

06 Workshops on home gardening conducted in Kilinochchi Districts. 62 (26 male, 36 female) students were trained on how to
setup home garden and its management.

4 best home gardens were selected out of 11 home gardens established in Moneragala and Badulla District

Water Quiz

Water quiz Round 1 conducted in 27 schools in Badulla, Monaragala Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi Districts. 3535 students
participated water quiz program, their knowledge on water and environment been tested.

Construction of 228 Domestic Rain Water Harvesting Systems

04 1stawareness program were conducted to aware the community and 06 2nd awareness programs were conducted at Badulla, Moneragala and Kilinochchi Districts for selected beneficiaries. 54 Applications received and 44 households were selected from Vatavana,Thalangamuva village , Mahiyangana DSD . 72 Applications received and households were 46 selected from GNS , Wallawaya
DSD. 30 household beneficiaries were selected at Konavil East GND,Karachchi DSD.

94 x 8,000 L RWHS constructions were completed, each system consisting of Ferro cement tank, gutters, first flush system, filter and

05 O & M training programs were conducted in Moneragala and Kilinochchi District. 74 beneficiaries were trained on O&M of RWHS.

100 well water recharge systems

121 separate wells recharge Systems completed at Kilinochchi, Moneragala and Badulla District.