Installing 17 Rain Water Harvesting System and Conduct Training program in Kilinochchi District

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Project AreasUmaiyalpuram GN (Kandawalai DS), Ponnaveli-KN/76 GN (Pachchilaipalli DS), Ponnagar (KN/07) GN (Karachchi DS ) and Allipallai-KN/89 GN (Pachchilaipalli DS) in Kilinochchi District, North Province, Sri Lanka
DurationDecember 2014
Funded byMinistry of Water Supply and Drainage
Project CostLKR 997,500
Project ObjectivesThe objective of this project is to mainstreaming the viability of rainwater harvesting systems as a practical, widespread Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) tool by raise awareness and building capacity on rain water harvesting and ground water recharging technology.

Awareness programs to communitySupport Ps/GSN to select beneficiariesProvide Training to 10 mason on construction of rain water harvesting systemTrain households on operational maintenance of RWH systems


NoName of beneficiaryDivisional SecretariatGN DivisionTank CapacityDate of Completion
1RathnamBaskaranKandawalaiUmaiyalpuram-KN/458000 L04/01/2015
2SellaiyaMoganasanthiranKandawalaiUmaiyalpuram-KN/458000 L04/01/2015
3VelanSanmugalingamKandawalaiUmaiyalpuram-KN/458000 L04/01/2015
4SuntharalingamParimalatheviKandawalaiUmaiyalpuram-KN/458000 L04/01/2015
5PansaminAnthonipillaiPachchilaipalli-Ponnaveli-KN/768000 L06/01/2015
6ArmosPaththalomaiPachchilaipalli-Ponnaveli-KN/768000 L06/01/2015
7NiththusPransisSeviyarPachchilaipalli-Ponnaveli-KN/768000 L06/01/2015
8AdaikalamAnnamuththuPachchilaipalli-Ponnaveli-KN/768000 L06/01/2015
9PerumalAllimuththuKarachchiPonnagar (KN/07)8000 L12/01/2015
10ShakthivelSutharsanKarachchiPonnagar (KN/07)8000 L12/01/2015
11BalachchandranSivanesachchelviKarachchiPonnagar (KN/07)8000 L12/01/2015
12SinnakkanthaiyaJeganathanKarachchiPonnagar (KN/07)8000 L12/01/2015
13EroniNikgalasPachchilaipalliAllipallai-KN/898000 L01/01/2015
14SinnaththampiPathmanathanPachchilaipalliAllipallai-KN/898000 L01/01/2015
15PonnuththuraiNagarasaaPachchilaipalliAllipallai-KN/898000 L01/01/2015
16MathevanRajeswaranPachchilaipalliAllipallai-KN/898000 L01/01/2015
17Joseph MuththumaryPachchilaipalliAllipallai-KN/898000 L01/01/2015

Progress Photographs

Divisional Secretariat: Kandawalai | GN Division: Umaiyalpuram-KN/45

Rathnam Baskaran

Sellaiya Moganasanthiran

Velan Sanmugalingam

Suntharalingam Parimalathevi

Divisional Secretariat: Pachchilaipalli | GN Division: Ponnaveli-KN/76 

Construction Period: 27/12/2014 to 06/01/2015

Pansamin Anthonipillai

Armos Paththalomai

Niththus Pransis Seviyar

Adaikalam Annamuththu

Divisional Secretariat: Karachchi | GN Division: Ponnagar (KN/07)        

Construction Period: 09/12/2014 to 12/01/2015

Perumal Allimuththu

Shakthivel Sutharsan

Balachchandran Sivanesachchelvi

Sinnakkanthaiya Jeganathan

Divisional Secretariat: Pachchilaipalli | GN Division: Allipallai-KN/89      

Construction Period: 10/12/2014 to 01/01/2015

Eroni Nikgalas

Sinnaththampi Pathmanathan

Ponnuththurai Nagarasaa

Mathevan Rajeswaran

Joseph Muththumary

Mason Training Programme

Two masons from each Divisional Secretariat were selected for training on construction of Ferrocement Rain Water Harvesting system. Eight masons were nominated by GS’s of the 4 divisional Secretariat areas and was given half a day instruction session and 4 days on- the- job training on construction of 8,000 liter Ferrocement RWH system. The trainee was given one tank to construct after the training. Out of the eight nominated 7 completed the training.

NoName of MasonDivisional SecretariatGN Division and VillageContact No
1S. SuthakaranKadawalaiKN/45 – UmaiyalPuram0773256893
2R. TheiventhirarasaKadawalaiKN/45 – UmaiyalPuram0779687952
3PathmanathanPachchilaipalliKN/89 – Allipalai0774734493
4P. VaratharayanPoonkaryKN/76- Poonnaveli0770225456
5P. AllimuththuPoonkaryKN/76- Poonnaveli0774835423
6S. MohanathasKarachchiKN/07 – Ponnagar0776729587
7S. ChandramohanKarachchiKN/07 – Ponnagar0770697767

Progress Photographs

Divisional Secretariat: Karachchi | GN Division: Ponnagar (KN/07)

Duration of training programme: 4 Days (09/12/2014 to 12/12/2014)

Starting Programme

Laying of the Foundation

Allippallai GN Division

Ponnaveli GN Division

Umaiyalpuram GN Division