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The aim of the EC project was to generate reliable information about domestic roofwater harvesting (DRWH) for water policy planners, supply professionals and ultimately, householders. The Projects comprise the assessment of existing knowledge and the generation of new knowledge on four critical and strongly interacting aspects of DRWH, namely: technology, health implications, impact on domestic water security and compatibility with institutional value systems; in consequence there are four tasks. The tasks are headed by each of the four partners. The partners are Warwick University, UK; FAKT, Germany; Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum, Sri Lanka and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India.

The publication listed below are the Milestone reports generated by each partner under the task headings.

Document Report Date View
Current Technology for Storing Domestic Rainwater January 1999View | [PDF - 630 KB]
Research into single skin, externally reinforced, brick tanks and low-cost, thin-shell, ferrocement tank cover April 1999View | [PDF - 1.1 MB]
Stabilized Soil Tanks for Rainwater Storage September 2000View | [PDF - 900 KB]
Recommendations for designing Rainwater harvesting system tanks January 2001View | [PDF - 620 KB]
Attitudes towards Rainwater Harvesting January 1999View | [PDF - 47 KB]
Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: Perceptions of Water Professionals and the way forward April 1999View | [PDF - 30 KB]
The inclusion of domestic roof-water harvesting in a national water legislation framework July 2001View | [PDF - 150 KB]
DRWH Water Quality: A Literature Review May 1999View | [PDF - 770 KB]
DRWH and Insect Vectors: A Literature ReviewAugust 1999View | [PDF - 150 KB]
Water Quality In Domestic Roof Water Harvesting Systems September 2000View | [PDF - 190 KB]
DRWH Design & Insect BreedingMarch 2001View | [PDF - 90 KB]
Water Security
Household Water Security in Sri Lanka Using Domestic Roof Water Harvesting December 1998View | [PDF - 160 KB]
Concept Of Water Security Entailing Domestic Roof Water Harvesting September 1999View | [PDF - 200 KB]
Current Rural Water Security Practices with DRWH March 2000View | [PDF - 180 KB]
Household strategies for operating total and partial drwh to achieve water security under stress conditions recommended practices December 2000View | [PDF - 300 KB]
Domestic roof water harvesting and water security in the humid tropics June 2001View | [PDF - 260 KB]