10 Rain Water Harvesting Systems for Selected Household in Mahiyangana DSD in Badulla District

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Project AreasBadulla District in Uva Province
Duration1st April – 18th June 2018
Funded bySri Lankan Agricola Qld (SLAQ) Inc . Brisbane, Australia
Project Cost:Project Budget – LKR 1,021,470
Agricola -LKR 921,470
LRWHF – LKR 100,000
Project Objective:This project proposes to establish 10 RWHS in households in Mahiyangana, Badulla
Project Activities:Selection of village for implementation of project
Selection of beneficiary
Conduct Awareness program
Construction of 10 RWHS
Conduct O&M Program


Selection of village for implementation of project

  • Following a letter received form Division Secretary , which has recommended 3 villages for implementation of the project, all sites were visited and Kukulapona was selected. Selection was based on  drying up of well during dry season, well water unsuitable for drinking, and presence of high number of CKDU patients  and easy  to accessibility to site, etc.

Selection of beneficiary

  • Awareness was conducted to select beneficiaries at Kukulapona. Twenty (20) request for RWH tanks  were received.  Out of which 10 were selected based on the selected criteria provided by Agricola. They are
    • G.ChandanaBandara
    • M.Sarathkumara
    • M.Jayasundara
    • M.Karunarathna
    • M.Muthubanda
    • H.M.Gunabanda
    • M.Darmadasa
    • A.Layanalsooriya
    • H.M.Gunabanda
    • H.M.Chadrapala

Conduct Awareness program

  • Awareness program was held for Selected 10 beneficiaries households with the presence of  Grama Niladari, Development officer and Kukulapola school principal   on 10/05/2018

Construction of 10 RWHS

Ten Rain water harvesting system consisting of 8,000 liter Ferrocement tank, gutters, different first flush system, different filter and tap construction started on 04th  June and completed on 18th June 2018

Letter from Divisional Secretary
Badulla safe water project image 2
Awareness program for community
village wellmilky water
Village wellMilky color water at well
Outlet pipe and wash out set up Leaf filter and modified first flush
First flush outlet Floating  ball intake  set up
First flush outlet Floating ball intake set up
Water inlet and out let systemsunskilled labour support
Water inlet and out let systemsUnskilled labour support
1. Y.G.Chandana2. H.M.Sarathkumara
3. H.M.Jayasundara4. H.M.Karunarathna
5. H.M.Muthubanda6. K.H.M.Gunabanda
P.M.Darmadasa S.A.Layanalsooriya
7. P.M.Darmadasa8. S.A.Layanalsooriya
9. E.H.M.Gunabanda10. E.H.M.Chadrapala