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  • Rainwater Catchment Systems for Domestic Supply, by John Gould and Erik Nissen-Petersen, IT Publications Ltd., 1999, summarising the state of the art at the moment. It costs £ 14,95. To order, contact: [email protected], fax: +44.171.436 2013, http://oneworld.org/itdg/
  • Ferrocement water tanks, by S. B. Watt. Available also from IT Publications
  • Rainwater harvesting, The collection of rainfall and runoff in rural areas, by A. Pacey and A. Cullis, gives a wider focus including the capture of runoff for agricultural use. IT Publications.
  • Action research study on rainwater harvesting, by Hapugoda, K.D., CWSSP, Sri Lanka, 1995.

Articles and Manuals

  • Waterlines magazine, Vol. 14, No.2, October 1995 issue was dedicated to rainwater harvesting, available through IT Publications, (see above).
  • Domestic Water Supply Using Rainwater Harvesting, by T.H.Thomas; he is the director of the DTU (Development Technology Unit) and the article is available on DTU’s website, see below.
  • Photo-manuals by Eric Nissen-Petersen on: How to Build: Cylindrical Water Tanks with Dome, ~ an underground Tank, smaller water Tanks and Jars, ~ and install gutters and splash-guards, available from the author at: P.O.Box 38, Kibwezi, Kenya.


  • Mvua ni Maji – Rain is Water, Rainwater Harvesting by Women’s Groups in Kenya, FAKT, 1996. Video 27 min VHS/PAL. A Kenyan film team documented this success story on the occasion of the visit ofa delegation of Ugandan women who came to learn the skills of rainwater harvesting from their Kenyan sisters. Available through FAKT (for US$ 20,-), contact: [email protected], fax:+49.711.2109 555, http://www.fakt-consult.de
  • Construction of water tanks for rainwater harvesting – a video manual prepared by Eric Nissen-Petersen (see above).
  • Rock catchments. Several designs of rock catchment system looked at in detail. Again by Eric Nissen-Petersen.