Construction Method for a 5 cubic metre Brick Domed Underground RWH Tank

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1Choose a suitable place.
2 Dig a pit in the ground with depth and width according to the size of the tank you are planning to make. The diameter of the hole should be half a metre bigger than the diameter of the tank.
3At the centre of the ground stand a crowbar (about 5 feet)
4 Lay the concrete on the floor
5 Tie a wire of required diameter to the crowbar and use it as reference to build a single layered circular wall.
6 When the wall is of the right height, fill the gap between the wall of the tank and the pit wall with clean sand.
7Build the concrete Lintel on the top of the wall and fix the overflow pipe.
8 Get two wooden planks, 2/3 the diameter of the tank. Cut a 'L' shape on one end of the plank and a 'V' shape on the other end.
9 Place the 'L' shape end on the tank wall and the 'V' shape on the crowbar. Mark this point on the crowbar and tie it on the crowbar with a wire.
10 Use dry bricks to make the dome shaped roof.
11 Place the first brick on the lintel with plaster and support it on the wooden plank with 'V' shape end on the crowbar.
12 Place the 2nd brick on the lintel and plaster to the first brick and the lintel. Support it with the second wooden plank.
13 Place the 3rd brick on the lintel and plaster to the lintel and 2nd brick. Carefully remove the wooden plank from the second brick while pushing 3rd brick towards the second brick, then place the the wooden plank on the 3rd brick.
14Repeat the above step till you complete the round.
15 Place a wedge between the last and the first brick and remove the wooden planks.
16 Repeat the above procedure on the 2nd and the rest of the rounds till you complete the dome shape, leaving a gap for the mouth of the tank.
17 Plaster the outside of the dome.
18 Plaster the inside of the dome.
19 Plaster the walls of the tank.
20 Plaster the floor of the tank.
21 Keep the tank wet for 7 - 14 days.
22 Cross Sections of the Tank