Webniar IV “Rainwater Harvesting Offers Hope and Opportunities for Women?”

Webniar IV “Rainwater Harvesting Offers Hope and Opportunities for Women?”

Daily women across South Asia spend most of their time fetching water for their household needs. Access to a water source becomes a key determinant in the quality of life. In Nepal for women living in mountainous terrain nearly one hour is needed to fetch from springs downhill, in Sri Lanka for girl children from schools that do not have water supply to maintain hygenie during menstruation while in school, and women from tibal groups in Maharashtra India do not have time to engage in their cultural practices when they have to engage in fetching water for their households.

Rainwater harvesting has provided access to water at the doorstep for women thus enabling them to engage in economic activities, continue education and maintain good health while also preserving culture and traditions expressed the participants at the 4th webinar concluded on the 25th of February 2021.

Sony Pun, Programme Officer, of Rain Communities project implemented by Kanchan Nepal and International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA), and Kusum Athukorala from Sri Lanka Water partnership were the key speakers at the event. Twenty specialists in water and rainwater harvesting, practitioners engaged in water management, activists and policymakers from Sri Lanka, India and Nepal participated in the webinar organised by South Asia Rainwater Harvesting Network(SARNET) to share experiences on the impact of water availability from rainwater harvesting on the lives and livelihoods of women.

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