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1Understanding Land Degradation - An Overview

Author: Stanley Weerarathne

PublisherSpringer Cham


eBook ISBN978-3-031-12138-8

Contents (6 chapters)

  • Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Chapter 2 : Factors Causing Land Degradation

  • Chapter 2 : Effects of Land Degradation

  • Chapter 2 : Control of Land Degradation

  • Chapter 2 : Benefits of Land Degradation Control

  • Chapter 2 : Climate Change and Land Degradation

  • This book highlights issues related to land degradation, the causal factors, and methods of control. The audience is agricultural practitioners and planners as well as students of agriculture. Environmentalists would also benefit by understanding the main issues related to land degradation discussed.

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    2Rain Water Harvesting Practitioners Guide for Sri Lanka

    Edited by: Ms. Tanuja Ariyananda
    Color pictures: Higullawela Dissanayake

    Content & Authors:
    Chapter 1:Importance of rain water by Dr. C.S. Weerarathne & Dr. P.A.Weerasinghe
    Chapter 2 – Rain water harvesting options by Mr. Deva Hapugoda
    Chapter 3 – Economic & social aspects of rain water harvesting systems by Mr. M.M.Aheeyer
    Chapter 4 - Case studies – Eng. Jayantha Gunathilake & Eng. Ajith Panagoda, Acht.I.D.Kuruppu, Mr. Niel Perera

    First published
    English: May 2009
    Sinhala: 2010
    Tamil: 2010

    Book details
    English - 133 pages, A5 sized, illustrated.
    Sinhala - 137 pages, A4 sized, illustrated.
    Tamil - 124 pages, A4 sized, illustrated.

    English - ISBN No: 978-955-1064-06-8
    Sinhala- ISBN No: 978-955-1064-07-2
    Tamil - ISBN No: 978-955-1064-06-8-2
    Rain Water Harvesting Practitioners Guide for Sri Lanka
    3Home Gardening Through Rain Water Haresting

    This booklet provides necessary details of how to use rain water for home gardening

    Author:Sanduni Ariyawansa

    Advice: Dr. C. S. Weerarathne, Dr. P. A. Weerasinghe and Ms. Tanuja Ariyananda

    First Published:February 2009

    Book details:25 pages, illustrated.

    Sinhala - ISBN 978-955-1064-04-4
    Tamil - ISBN 978-955-1064-05-1
    Home Gardening Through Rain Water Haresting
    4Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas

    Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas is a compact manual on RWH in urban environment. It gives a brief introduction to RWH, and highlights the necessity of RWH in urban areas with its advantages. It describes the technology, general components of a RWH system and gives details of practical systems which can be used in houses, apartments, offices and factories

    Author: Dhanesh Wisumperuma

    Artist: Saman Sissanayake

    First Published: December 2004

    Book details: 24 pages, illustrated.

    English - ISBN 955-1064-02-X
    Sinhala - ISBN 955-1064-01-1
    Tamil - ISBN 955-1064-03-8
    Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas
    5Problem: Water - Solution : Rainwater

    Problem: Water - Solution : Rainwater is a manual which provides an idea of RWH with special attention to the technological aspects. It gives detailed descriptions of how to build a tank above the ground, on the ground or underground. Further this manual gives instructions on how to maintain a RWH tank and describes the qualities of rain water.

    Design & Layout: Dharshana Karunatilake.

    First Published: 1998

    Book details: 16 pages, illustrated.

    Languages: English, Sinhala, Tamil
    Problem: Water - Solution : Rainwater
    6Rain Water to quench the thirst - අහස් දියෙන් පිපාසයට

    Rain Water to quench the thirstis a small booklet. It explains the technology how rain water is harvested in a simple manner.

    • How much of rain fall Sri Lanka gets annually
    • Type of roof and amount of rain water catchment area is
    • Can we drink rain water which falls on to the rain?
    • Is Asbestoses roof toxic?
    • There is no taste in rain water
    • Less possibilities to get rain water polluted
    • Water inside the tank do not get contaminated
    • What happens if acid rain , red rain etc fall on to the catchment area

    First Published: 2013

    Book details: 8 pages, illustrated.

    Languages: Sinhala, Tamil

    Sinhala Version - View | [PDF - 8.86 MB]
    Tamil Version - View | [PDF - 7.82 MB]
    Rain Water to quench the thirst
    7Manual for
    Operation and Maintenance of
    Rain Water Harvesting System
    Rainwater Harvesting System
    in Schools in Sri Lanka

    First Published: 2015

    English Version - View | [PDF - 1.04 MB]
    Manual for Operation and Maintenance of Rain Water Harvesting System Rainwater Harvesting System in Schools in Sri Lanka
    8Operation and Maintenance of Mobile Weather Station - කාලගුණ මැණුම් උපකරණය භාවිතය හා පිරික්සීම

    The manual on Use and Maintenance of Mobile Weather Station aims to leverage both Open Source Hardware and Open Source Software to step-by-step guide the creation of a mobile weather station based on the Open Design, Open Source Hardware, Open Source Software and commodities off the shelf from local shops in Sri Lanka.

    First Published: Sinhala – 2015, Tamil - 2015

    Book Details:
    Sinhala – 21 pages, A5 sized, illustrated.
    Tamil – 21 pages, A5 sized, illustrated.

    Sinhala Version - View | [PDF - 1.43 MB]
    Tamil Version - View | [PDF - 1.02 MB]
    Operation and Maintenance of Mobile Weather Station
    9Atmosphere Automatic Weather Station

    First Published: English – 2016, Tamil - 2016

    Chapter 1: Product information
    Chapter 2: Hardware information
    Chapter 3: Powering up
    Chapter 4: GSM/GPRS Interface
    Chapter 5: SMS Features

    English Version - View | [PDF - 1 MB]
    10Rain Water Harvesting Manual for Jaffna

    Author: Ms. Tanuja Ariyananda
    Jointly Published By: Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum & World Vision Lanka

    ISBN 978-955-1064-09-9

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Jaffna and its Water Sources
    Chapter 2: Rain Water Harvesting
    Chapter 3: Rain Water Harvesting Technology
    Chapter 4: Operation and Maintenance
    Chapter 5: Social and Economic Aspects
    Chapter 6: Mobile Weather Stations in Schools in Jaffna District

    English Version - View | [PDF - 6.30 MB]
    Tamil Version - View | [PDF - 6.30 MB]
    11International Rainwater Catchment Systems Experiences

    Published by: IWA Publishing , London , UK

    First Published: 2020

    ISBN : 9781789060577 ( paperback)

    ISBN : 9781789060584 (eBook)

    Chapter 3: T N Ariyananda
    Transforming tradition of rainwater harvesting in Sri Lanka

    English Version - View
    12Sustainable Climate Action and Water Management

    Published by: Springer Singapore

    Chapter 2: Author : T N Ariyananda
    Rainwater Harvesting Systems as Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Tool for Drought and Flood Prone Areas of Sri Lanka

    English Version - View
    13Voice of Rainwater Harvesting Users

    E published: April 2021

    The success stories reported in this publication is a result
    of a 3 year project commenced in 2016 -2019 in partnership
    with USAID and Districts authorities to provide safe disaster resilient drinking water to floods and drought prone areas in the island.

    English Version - View [PDF]
    14Managed Groundwater Recharge and Rainwater Harvesting

  • Chapter: Rainwater Harvesting for Groundwater Recharge: Experience From Sri Lanka

  • Authors: Tanuja Ariyananda & C. Shanthi de Silva

    PublisherSpringer Singapore

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