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12International Conference on Water Security through Rainwater Harvesting2018 Download zip file of Papers
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11Mainstreaming Rainwater Harvesting as a Water Supply Option2015View | [PDF - 2.68MB ]
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Symposium Symposium ThemeVenueYearDetails
7Rain Water Harvesting for Urban AreasSri Lanka Institute of International Relations, Colombo2004
  • Rainwater Harvesting Potential in Urban Areas (Prof. C.S. Weeraratna)
  • RWH with Special Reference to Coastal Cities (Dr S. Raghavan, Chennai)
  • Simulation and Modelling for Improving Water Availability Through RWH (Dr R. Wickramasinghe & Dr. Ranjith De Silva, University of Peradeniya)
  • Utilizing for new Building Complex at New town Ratnapura (Eng. J. Gunathilaka & Eng. A. Panagoda)
  • Feasibility study of Urban rain water Harvesting in Three districts in Sri Lanka (Ms T. Ariyananda, LRWHF)
  • RWH Experience from Kohuwala (Mr T. de Silva, Peoples Policy Institute)
  • RWH Experience from Bodirajapura, USIP project (Mr M. Dayananda & N. Ponnamperium, USIP)
  • Water quality aspects and Public perception for RWH (Tissa Gunasena, Consultant engineer)
  • Water Quality in RWH in Kandy District (J.P. Padmasiri, NWS&DB)
6Domestic roof water harvesting, serious water supply option? Savsiripaya, Colombo2003
  • What is roof water harvesting & scenarios where it is useful?
  • The state of roof water harvesting in Sri Lanka
  • DRWH policy issues
  • Case Studies of successful stories (globally)
  • Experiences from the beneficiaries
  • Issues in relation to Technical, Health, Economics, and Socio Economic impact
  • Findings and Recommendations in relation to Health, Technology, Socio Economic impact, Sizing and Economics, Promotion of DRWH
5Problem Water, Solution: Rain WaterHelpage, Nugegoda2002
  • Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project Sharing Experience of Rain Water Harvesting Projects (I.V.W. Ediriweera, Ministry of Housing and Plantation Infrastructure)
  • Activities on Rainwater Harvesting in Hambantota District (Mr. W.P.Chandrasiri, The Southern Development Authority)
  • Rain Water Harvesting in the Third Water Supply and Sanitation (sector) Project in Hambantota District (U. Mansur - The Third Water-Supply and Sanitation (Sector) Project)
  • Experience on Rain Water Harvesting in the Third Water Supply and Sanitation (sector) Project in Moneragala District (T.W.M.L.P Wijesundara, Third Water Supply & Sanitation (Sector) Project)
  • Rain Water Harvesting Experience by ITDG - South Asia (Ahamed Arshad, ITDG-SA)
  • Follow up Assesment of the Water Security Project in Liyangolla in Moneragala District (Dharshini Samaranayake & Prasanna Nilame, PLAN- Sri Lanka)
4Domestic Roof water Harvesting in the Humid Tropics Savsiripaya, Colombo2001
  • New Technology for Rain Water Harvesting : by. Terry Thomas
  • Research on Under ground Rain Water Harvesting Tanks by Open University of Sri Lanka
  • Household Water Security using Rain Water Harvesting by Mr.Rajindra Ariyabandu
  • Quality of Collected Rain Water in relation to water security by Ms.Tanuja Ariyananda
  • Modeling household water security by Dr. Prasanna Rathnaweera
  • Health Implementation of DRWH Tanuja Ariyananda
    - Bacteriological quality of water in DRWH
    - Health Implementation of widespread use of DRWH
    - Mosquito Control
  • International values in Decision making in DRWH by Dr Terry Thomas DRWH in National Legislation
3Rain Water, A Solution For Rural WaterSri Lanka National Library Services Board, Colombo2000
  • Using rainwater for household water security by R.De.S. Ariyabandu
  • Quality of rain water collected from Sri Lankaby T. Ariyananda
  • Experiences and lessons learned from the NWS&DB by N. Samarakoon
  • Rainwater harvesting project at Yatigammana and Thismada villages in the Yatinuwara divisional secretariat area
  • An introduction to ferro-cement rainwater tanks by P.S. Senanayake
  • Storage structures and it’s durability by K.S.K. Ranasinghe
  • Activities conducted in Trincomalee district by K. Sokanathan

2Rain Water Harvesting for water security II Savsiripaya, Colombo1999
  • Presentations by beneficiaries
    - Mundel - K.D. Peries, Vinivida
    - Muruthalawa, K.G. Gunathilaka
    - Galpothyaya- GUIDES
    - Suriyawawe - Women's Development Foundation
    - Muthukandiya - Rain water harvesting Society
  • Study on Existing Rain water harvesting Technology - S. Ariyabandu
  • Low Cost Catchment for RWH - N.U.K. Ranatunge
  • Low Cost Rain Water Storage - K.S.K. Ranasinghe
  • Low Cost Guttering for RWH - K.D. Hapugoda
  • Analysis on existing storage tanks in Sri Lanka - Dr P. Ratnaweera
  • Rain Water Storage Systems used in Sri Lanka and their effectiveness - Wijedasa de Silva
  • Quality of Rain Water Harvesed- U. Mansur
  • Rain Water harvesting System Design for Sri Lanka (Quantity study) - U Mansur

1Rain Water Harvesting for Water SecurityOpen University of Sri Lanka, Nawala1998
  • Rain Water Harvesting for Domestic Use- Mr. S.G.G. Rajkumar, NWS&DB
  • Rain Water Harvesting A Case Study from Piliyandala- Mr G. Victor A. Goonathilaka
  • Water Resources in the North Central Province and Rain Water Harvesting- Mr. Samson Jayasinghe, Samasevaya
  • Rain water for Domestic use in Dry Zone Village- Mr. A. Wijedasa Silva, Open University
  • Experiences from Implementing Rain Water Harvesting Project- Mr D.G. Karunaratna,
  • Acid Rain Monitoring and Total chemical Analysis of Rain Water-Prof. O.A. Ileperuma, Uni. Of Peradeniya
  • Constraints in Rain Water Harvesting with Respective to Water Quality- Mr B.P.A. Jayawardena NWS&DB
  • Feasibility of RWH in Divulapitiya and Mirigama- Mr. Deva Happugoda, CWSSP
  • An Appropriate Subsurface and Drip Irrigation System to Utilise Roof Water for Vegetable Production in Home Gardens- Prof. K D.N. Weerasinghe, Ruhuna University
  • Using Rain Water for Education and Creating Awareness in Tree Planting and Crop Cultivation in Dry Zone- Mr K. Ilaankovan, Jeevan Jotthy
  • Managing Harvesting Rain Water to Ensure Sustainable Irrigation and Water Security in Drier Parts of Sri Lanka- Dr (Ms) Shanthi de Silva, Open University
  • Rain Water Quality and Buffer Intensity of Surface Water in Sri Lanka- Dr E.I.l. Silva, IFS
  • Rain Water Harvesting- Mr DuleepGoonawardena , NWS&DB
  • Rain Water Harvesting in the Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project Mr Han Heijnen, CWSSP
  • Rain Water Harvesting For Domestic use in sri Lanka: A study of the Potential and Present Status of Development - Prof. M.D.C. Abhayaratna