Promotion of Roof RWH among 7 families living in Mahakachchaakody in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

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Project AreasMahakachchakody GN Division in Vavuniya South DS Division in Vavuniya District
DurationAugust – November2015
Funded byJapan Water Forum
Project CostJWF: US$ 3092
LRWHF/Community : US$ 1,680
Project ObjectiveThe overall objective of this project is to introduce and educate the people concerned on the benefits and expediency of rainwater harvesting to meet their water needs.
Specific ObjectiveImprove the health of community due to drinking uncontaminated water
Project Activities1. Preparation
– Initial meeting with candidates of the beneficiaries
– Selecting 7 beneficiaries based on the request form from candidates. In addition to the request form, LRWHF shall consider following points to select the beneficiaries.
will woman in the household be relieved from burden (fetching water, purchasing water, etc) caused by the present situation ( shortage of safe drinking water)?does the member of the household have enough ability to understand the advantage of roof rainwater harvesting system, maintain and operate it well?2. Implementation
– purchasing materials
– constructing 7 RWHS
– training on 1 mason from the area to construct RWHS
– Training households on Operation and maintenance of the RWHS

3. Interview
– Interviewing to the beneficiaries aboutthe situation of their water resources before installing RWHSthe problems stemming from the situation stated in 1how will you be benefited by RWHSmessage to the donor

1. Preparation 

Initial meeting held with the community on the September 2015. Out of the beneficiaries who applied for RWH system, 7 families were selected according to the selection criteria. The criteria for selection on the basis of Distance to drinking water source ( above 250 m), Women fetching water, Kidney Disease patients, Number of children in the household, willingness to support and income level.

2. Implementation 

Purchasing Materials

Most materials were purchased locally. Sand and valance board for hanging the gutters and unskilled labour during construction were provided by the beneficiaries

RWH systems were constructed during October – November 2015 Period.

Training a Mason:

Masons Name:  K. G. M. Punchibanda (Tel: +94 77 3717356)  from Mahakatchchkody village was trained on construction of RWH. Training was conducted by master mason Shantha Kumar.

Training households on Operation and Maintenance:

Training program on Operation and Maintenance of Rain water harvesting system was conducted to beneficiary households on the 22nd December 2015 at the location of the household constructed with RWH system at Mahakatchchakody village by Mr. Rudra Wijeratnam, Field Coordinator, Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum. It was attended by 7 participants representing each household.

3. Interview

Voices of beneficiaries of the project

Name: B. Malhami
Contact No: +94 71 0936996
Socially benefits: This RWHS made my parents life easier, I work in town so now I don’t need to get worried thinking is there enough drinking water at my home for drinking since RWHS is at the door step of my home.
Economic benefits: We use to spend LKR 1000 per month to purchase RO plant water, now money is saved and we use that money to buy my father’s medicine.
Health benefits: My father is a CKDu patient, rain water is a heavenly gift for his health. 

Name: G. Dharmasena
Contact No: +94 77 6439484
Socially benefits: I use to walk 1/2 km and it takes 30 – 45 minutes every day to fetch water, which was a difficult task since I am CKDu patient. Now time is saved since tank is at my door step, I use the saved time for my house work. 
Economic benefits: Now I do home gardening, I have planted chilly plants near the RWHS. 
Health benefits: I am CKDu patient, therefore I use now rain water for drinking purpose which benefits my health 

Name: K. Chithrasena
Contact No: +94 77 5577523
Socially benefits: To get water I use to ride the bicycle 2 km and it take 1/2 hrs, it was very hard and difficult task. Now I am very happy since I got rid of that hard period.
Economic benefits: The time I saved from fetching water is used for paddy cultivation.  I rented 5 aches paddy.
Health benefits: I am CKDu patient, Now after eating my meals I take my mug to the RWHS tap and drink water.

Name: K. Dhanapala
Contact No: +94 77 7292877
Socially benefits: To get filtered water I use to ride my motor bicycle 2 km which takes 15 minutes. Our daily requirement of water was 10 L, 1 L is LKR 30, and therefore I use to spend LKR 300 per day. Now money and petrol cost is saved. Which is used for my house hold benefit
Economic benefits: The time saved from fetching water is now used for my paddy cultivation. Now I don’t have any worries in mind thinking of water fetching for household activities. Since RWHS is at my doorstep which makes my life more comfort and it is a great blessing.
Health benefits: I am CKDu patient, level is 0.7. I use to drink R O plant filter water, now the filter is out of service therefore I drink rain water. Which is a blessing for my health and house

Name: M. Dinesha Piyadharashani
Contact No: +94 77 6522345
Socially benefits: I use to fetch water from my neighbors well which is 50 m walking distance and daily I go to fetch water 5- 6 times it is approximately 30 minutes per day. Now time is saved and I don’t get tired all this benefit is because RWHS, now I do home gardening, i have grown long beans, ladies fingers and red kidney beans. The plants are watered by the draining water of RWHS. RWHS is a great asset for my family
Economic benefits: I use to spend LKR 1200 per month for my medicine and doctors channeling, now I don’t suffer from urine infection therefore I save all the money that spend for medical bills. Now I spend that money for my 2 son’s education.
Health benefits: Last year a mobile Clinique came to my son’s school, there they tested my urine samples and said that I have urine infection. They advise me to drink rain water or RO treated water. Since that day I start drinking rain water. Initially I use to collect rain water to a thick polythene sheet directed to clay pot.  Now I have RWHS which has more capacity to store water and its easy access. Now my urine infection has cured and now i don’t take medicine, the best medicine for me was rain water.

Comment and request to Japan Water Forum and/or Donor

There is a high demand for Rain water harvesting from this community due to high prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease in the village. Following a meeting of the community on the 9th October 2015, LRWHF has received 51 fresh requests for rain water harvesting system.