Progress Year 1

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Progress Year 1

Objective I 

  • Construction of 45 demonstration rain water harvesting systems (storage and/or recharge) in rural schools.

Fifteen schools were selected for RWHS to be constructed .Following selection, 15 awareness programs were held during which, 1,143 school children, parents and teachers were made aware of the benefits and practices of RWH. Fifteen 30,000L RWHS were constructed, giving 5,035 students and teachers access to clean drinking water as a result. A total of 845 students and teachers were trained in 15 O&M sessions.

  • Kilinochchi
  1. Kn/Paramankirai G.T.M.S
  2. Kn/Madduvilnadu G.T.M.S
  3. Kn/Punnaineeravi G.T.M.S
  4. Kn/Kallaru Tamil Vidyalayam
  5. Kn/Periyakulam Iyanar Vidyalayam
  • Badulla
  1. B/Maliyadda MahaVidayalaye
  2. B/Orubadiweva Maha Vidayalaye,
  3. Akiriyankubura Maha Vidayalaye,
  4. Mahagama.Maha Vidalaya,
  5. Keselpotha 11 Yaya Vidayalaye, Keselpotha.2B
  • Monaragala
  1. Mo/Ethimale Maha Vidyalaye
  2. Mo/Guruhela Kanishta Vidyalaye
  3. Mo/Danagiriya Kanishta Vidyalaye
  4. Mo/Kongaspitiya Kanishta Vidyalaye
  5. Mo/Galearawa Kanishta Vidyalaye

Guruhela Kanishta M.V, Moneragala

B/Keselpotha Yaya 11 Maha Vidyalaye

Madduvilnadu G.T.M.S

  • Establishment of 5 demonstration RWH system in Rural hospitals/Medical Clinic

Five rural hospitals/medical clinics were selected for RWHS to be constructed. Awareness programs on RWHS for 110 medical staff and patients were conducted.  Five 10,000L/16,000L tanks were constructed. A total of 1,181 patients who visit

Monthly, will have access to clean drinking water. Two O&M programs were completed in which, 40 hospital staff were trained. Two RWHS at hospital sites were visited and monitored.

  • Kilinochchi
  1. Poonakary Divisional Hospital, KN – 66 East GN, Poonakary DSD
  2. Kandawalai Primary Medical Care Unit, Vennerikilum GN, Karachchi DSD
  • Badulla
  1. Divisional Hospital, Kandegedera GN, Soranathota DSD
  2. Medical Clinic, Higurugamuva GN, Welimada DSD
  • Monaragala
  1. Divisional Hospital, Ethimale GN, Siyabalanduva DSD
  • Construction of 120 Domestic Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Nine awareness programs were conducted in 3 districts for 299 beneficiaries who were educated on RWHS and its uses. A total of 120 households were selected and the construction 8,000L RWHS was completed and received O&M training.

  • Rehabilitate disused 200 RWH systems in the project areas

A total of 135 households were selected and will obtain a clean drinking water source through rehabilitated RWHS. Currently, 78 disused RWHS have been repaired.

  • Kilinochchi – 21
  • Badulla – 36
  • Monaragala – 21

Objective II

  • Build Capacity of Officials and Professionals on RWH technology
  • Establishing the training facilities of the Rain Center

A fully equipped training facility was established at the Rain Center in Pelawatta. As of 01/11/2017, 5 events have been held at the training center and the accommodation facility is utilised by field staff during their visits to the Rain Center for monthly progress meetings.

  • Training program for local authority officials, planning officers and development officers in each district


Forty-Two government officials were trained on RWH and its practices at District Secretariat Training Center, Kilinochchi.

  • Training program for professionals

A 3 day training session was held at the Rain Center for 38 professionals who were trained on RWH and GWR. This included a field visit and certificate distribution for the participants.

  • Build capacity of community and school children to reduce the Risk of Disaster through establish Mobile Weather Stations in 4 schools

Three schools were selected and weather stations established with O&M training for 50 children, teachers and development officers. As a result, 2,724 school children will be able to access metrological data and study climate patterns and changes.

–  Kn/Punnaineeravi G.T.M.S, Punnaineeravi GN, Kandawalai DSD, Kilinochchi

–  B/Orubadiweva Maha Vidayalaye, Sangabopura GN, Ridimaliyadda DSD, Badulla        District

–  Mo/Ethimalae Maha Vidiyalaya, Thissapura GN, Siyabalanduva DSD

  • Research & Development
  • Monitoring Ground Water Recharging

Water Quality testing equipment purchased. Water quality and quantity data collected from 8 ground water recharged wells in Kilinochchi and Badulla District.

  • Water Level Indicators

Four Water level indicators purchase and code developed. Currently, two water level indicators are installed in Badulla and Monaragala while further studies on improving the accuracy of the level indicator are carried out.

  • Networking and Dissemination of Information
  • Publication: leaflets, posters and visibility boards

– One-thousand five-hundred Leaflets and 1,000 posters on Disaster Risk Reduction through rain water harvesting was printed, each in English, Sinhala & Tamil languages.

–     Visibility board containing project activity in each district

3x Visibility boards installed at:

  1. Public Market, Kilinochchi
  2. In front of public market, Badulla
  3. In front of General Hospital, Monaragala
  • Short film competition on DRR through RWH

Advertisement for short film fund posted on Facebook, Web page and public institutions.